Shane Thorne

Another thing that recycled my thoughts on NXT. The wasted talent that is Shane Thorne. When I say this, I mean WWE wasting his talent. He showed that in a good match, with Bronson Reed.


We all remember when he came to WWE, as part of TM61 along with Nick Miller. In that Tag team, he was the exciting one. When Nick Miller left NXT, it opened up an opportunity for Thorne, but they changed him.

Now I don’t mean his character, there was nothing wrong with him turning Heel. Why though did they stop his high flying ability? That was part of what made him stand out.

High flying instinct

We all remember the Dusty Tag Classic tournament, TM61 against AOP, when he dived off the scaffold onto both Pain members. That was his unique point, he could ground and pound, but also fly.

Now they have him as, some brawler type. It just doesn’t fit in his style for me. They also teamed him with Brendan Vink, but that seems to have gone on the back burner.

Tag team promise petered out

Reed brought out his best

As i said, I think that on last night’s NXT he showed what he can do. Whether his fellow Aussie was the catalyst, we can only speculate. It was a much better showing though.

Thorne’s version of a shining wizard, impressed me greatly. Of course it was a defeat for him, with NXT building Bronson Reed towards his ladder match at Takeover 30. Much improved though.

Good showing from Thorne

And finally…

I feel that he is definitely at a cross roads in his NXT, and WWE career though. If WWE fail to utilise him well enough, he needs to think whether his future lies elsewhere.

I for one, would have loved to see Thorne in this North American title ladder match. It does not seem this will happen though, as I can’t imagine him as the mystery man in the triple threat next week.

Could have displayed all aspects of arsenal

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Kai finally has title shot

I feel like the Universe is finally listening to me with this one. I have been telling anyone that will listen, online and in our podcast, that Dakota Kai deserves a title shot.

I have been saying this since Survivor Series weekend. Finally, WWE have adhered to it, and Dakota faces Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s title, at Takeover 30. Have the played it right through?

Go to kick to victory

Buzz died down?

As I said I am pleased that Dakota, has her shot at Takeover 30 in 2 weeks. Is it too late though? Dakota was breaking the Internet, after Takeover War Games last November.

She followed that up with an amazing Extreme Rules match, at Takeover Portland. Then she even had an opportunity, in the ladder match number 1 contenders match, each time she was overlooked.

For me, it should have come either before or after Takeover Portland. She has a title shot now, after quite a few defeats, and when her heel character is going a bit stale.

Missed opportunity?

Too early for Shirai reign end?

Io Shirai only won the belt at Takeover: In Your House, so it’s not viable for her to lose the gold yet. In all fairness, she doesn’t deserve too either. I was very happy when she beat Charlotte Flair, and Rhea Ripley that night.

Just like I spoke about Drew’s WWE title reign, I think Io should hold the title, till War Games, if that PPV happens, in this crazy year. We don’t want titles flip flopping in NXT, something that hasn’t happened especially with the Men’s titles.

Unfortunately if IO’s reign does come to an end, I feel it will be to Rhea Ripley. I respect her work in the ring, and the character she has brought to the table, but I feel the Women’s roster in NXT is stacked, and some in the mid card deserve a push.

Potentially at Takeover War Games

And finally…

Whatever happens, I am really looking forward to the Women’s Title match at Takeover 30. We will see very contrasting styles. Will it be the Joshi Judas, or the captain of Team Kick, walking away with the gold?

Who will it be?

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Pat has an a$$ kicking coming!!

Well, Pat Mcafee showed up on NXT this week. Who knew he had a backbone, and I say that lightly, as he punted Adam Cole when he was restrained. The loudmouth former NFL star, certainly made an impact.

Of course a few weeks back Adam Cole, had an F bomb tirade at Mcafee, when on his talk show. It seemed that apologies were accepted, until Mcafee joined the NXT commentary team for the Tag title main event.

Mcafee talks down Cole

The Game, sells it well

The art of a good feud, sell it. Triple H certainly did that after the punt. He looked irate, pushing Mcafee on a couple of occasions, out of the building. Adam Cole didn’t do a bad job, lying prone as well.

This surely leads to a Mcafee v Cole match, at Takeover 30. I know Punter Pat has some Wrestling experience, so it will be interesting, to see him in the squared circle with the greatest NXT champ of all time.

Made it look authentic

End of an Era?

There is lots of speculation online, that this could be the end, of the Undisputed Era as we know it. At the start of NXT and during the show, we had video packages lauding there accomplishments.

Then the Cole-Mcafee shouting match, distracted O’Reilly and Fish, costing them the Tag titles. With Mcafee playing the heel role, it may mean a Adam Cole face turn, which would be the end of his Era Stint.

Online there has been talk of a Kyle O’Reilly led Era. He did seem to have the ear of the others, last week on NXT, and orchestrated there attack on Imperium. As a big Adam cole fan, I hope the Era continues in his image, but after nearly 4 years, who knows.

Is Cole to turn Face?

And finally….

I just hope that Adam Cole, gives him the beating he deserves. Mcafee has been digging at the UE and primarily Cole, for years now on Takeover Kick off’s.

I hope he has a ‘Last Shot’ at fame against Cole. Cole can deliver him a beautiful ‘Panama Sunrise’, before he goes night night. That my friends is Undisputed.

Night night Pat!

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50 million for B and W

Well the news coming from Brentford, just a day after there playoff final defeat. If you want Benrahma or Watkins, they are both valued at 25 million. You can’t really argue with them prices either.

Ollie Watkins was runner up in the Championship Golden Boot. He scored 25 goals. Said Benrahma is arguably the most talented player in the Championship. He also had a fantastic season.

A steal based on there contribution

Where could they go?

Well Dean Smith at Villa, is a huge admirer of both. I am not sure whether the Villa owners, will want to shell out that much, especially as they only stayed in the Premiership, by the skin of there teeth.

He could get one though. If Jack Grealish does leave, then maybe that money becomes available for both. Crystal Palace have also been trailing Watkins, and if Zaha finally leaves, then he would be a great replacement.

If i was an Everton for instance, or a Leicester. I would possibly go in for Benrahma. He is a goalscorer and has the ability to drive and dribble through teams, which I don’t think they have. We shall see.

4 possible destinations for the pair

Jamal Lewis to Liverpool

News broke over that last 24hrs, that Jurgen Klopp may be interested in the Norwich man. The left back would obviously be second fiddle to Robertson, but he has showed at times he can be a good wing back.

With Liverpool involved in so many competitions, again next season. They will need someone to come in, for the Carabao Cup especially. Jamal Lewis would definitely be a good squad addition.

Important in cup games

And finally….

News from London, that Willian has been offered a 3 year deal to join Arsenal. Now I don’t think that they are struggling up front, but he has a lot of quality.

The fact that he would cost nothing, is obviously a bonus too. It would be a good bit of business by Arteta, who continues to impress me daily. We will have to keep and eye, on this one.

Could he travel by Emirates?

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Fulham win after Extra Time

Well after 120 minutes, Fulham are back in the Premier League. It was billed to be two teams who have attacking flair. It definitely was not that sort of game.

Both teams were cagey until the first goal, was scored in extra time. Then we saw some open football. Fulham fans won’t care about that now, they were the better side on the night.

Both teams allowed occasion to take over

Unlikely Hero

Well I don’t think many would have had the match winner, down on there betting slips. Left back Joe Bryan was the unlikely hero, with 2 goals in extra time.

The first goal, was both well planned and a David Raya mistake. Fulham had a free kick in an area, that didn’t seem dangerous. With David Raya stood off his line, waiting for a cross. Joe Bryan took advantage, and whipped the ball into the bottom corner.

Brenford keeper positioning howler

Scott Parker said after the match, it was planned. His 2nd goal was brilliant. He played a lovely one-two with Aleksander Mitrovic, and slotted it past the Brentford keeper again.

Fulham were on there way to the Premier League, but not before Dalsgaard headed in late in extra time, stoppage time. Fulham beating Brentford 2-1 at Wembley.

Unlikely Hero

No motor in BMW

As for Brentford, they were not in the game. Some good defending from Michael Hector especially, stopped Benrahma, Mbeumo and Watkins from having any serious chances.

They were able to get into the last third of the pitch, but not able to link up with any of the front 3. Some would say Fulham were fortunate, to have 11 men on the pitch.

Harrison Reed jumped into a tackle early on, with Norsgaard. He was given a yellow card, but on the replays he may have been lucky, with his studs up high. That is just an excuse in reality though, for a Brenford team not at the races.

And Reed was all Yellow

And finally…..

Well done to Fulham, and manager Scott Parker. He was emotional at the end of the match, and rightly so. This was his first full year in management, and what a job he has done.

Thoughts for him now turn to, planning for the Premier League. As for Thomas Frank and Brentford, they have to prepare to go again, and possibly without two thirds of the BMW.

Parker deserves credit

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McIntyre on fire

How good has Drew McIntyre been since Royal Rumble. He has always been very impressive in the ring, but his promo’s this year have been absolutely brilliant.

First with Brock, then Seth, Dolph and now Randy. His promo this week with Randy Orton, was brilliant. He called him out for being a selfish Pr*ck, and told him he should have been fired many times.

Things get personal between Drew and Randy

Match of Summserslam?

Well it is already being touted as the match of Summerslam, and I don’t think you can argue. Arguably the hottest champion in WWE, Drew McIntyre taking on one of the measuring sticks, Randy Orton.

McIntyre has claymored himself to the title over the Beast, and he has checked some big names into Claymore Country. Randy Orton would be the biggest name for me. He has been there for 20 years, and is a 13x World Champion.

Can Drew kick out of the RKO? Not many have done it, but maybe the fact that Orton’s “Legend Killer” character is desperate to hit a punt, maybe McIntyre can use that. McIntyre’s Claymore has is the new RKO according to my podcast co-host Josh. We shall see.

Who’s hurts more?

Too soon for Drew to drop title

For me, it would be to soon to see Drew dethroned. He has had the gold for 4 months, and carried WWE through a tough period, in this pandemic. It’s the biggest title, on the main show, keep Drew on top.

Of course Randy, would disagree. He is in fantastic shape still, and I have no doubt, he will be a Champion again. Him and Cena carried the company for a long time, and he deserves all the accolades that he has.

If WWE want to take the title off Drew, I hope it would be around Survivor Series. We don’t know when/if Vince would give him the title again, look at Kofi, or the Miz after there only reigns. Keep him in that spotlight.

Give him another 3 months at least

And finally…..

Orton takes on Kevin Owens on Raw next week. This could be a good match, Owens has had lots of success in WWE, but has become a bit stale recently.

Maybe the conversation with Ric Flair on Raw last night, will have an affect on KO, and we will see the more sinister Owens. For me he is much better in a heel role, doing anything to win.

Will Heel KO come back?

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What is Raw Underground?

Hello, what a weird Monday night Raw, we had this week. I dont really know what WWE were trying to do. I get them trying to do something different, but it has to actually be good.

Strange storylines

There were so many weird things going on. First they had the lighting and microphones not working properly, and blamed it on a storm. Then they had equipment being damaged, and apparently it was deliberate.

We then saw 5 men or children, it was hard to tell, destroying a big electrical unit outside. It was a very bizarre night, and it just felt like something in a kids imagination.

The weirdest storyline though, lets have Montez Ford poisoned. Yes you heard me right, someone in WWE creative, came up with the idea to poison Montez Ford’s sippy cup. It could lead to Vega v Belair which I would enjoy.

Fire the man who came up with this

Raw Underground

WWE said Shane O’Mac was back, and that he had something innovative in mind. I was intrigued, I was excited, what could “The Money”, “The Best in the World” be bringing us…..

Raw Underground was the answer. What the f**k did my eyes just see. It was basically, a random version of fight club. It was not a good one though. I can only imagine some of these involved, are in developmental.

There was dancing girls, cringey music and Shane McMahon shouting in a mic, as someone got punched in the face. Thankfully the Hurt Business showed up, and destroyed everyone. What a terrible idea. Please WWE bin that s**t.

I am sure it will have fans, I am not one of them.

And finally…..

I still do not know the actual point of Raw Underground. If it is to fill up some time, as they can’t manage to put a good 3 hours show on, then i would implore them to take it back down to 2 hours.

Having the 3 hour show has not worked, fans struggle to keep up with a 2 hour product, never mind a 3 hour one. Especially with so many shows on.

I would prefer to see 5, 20 minute matches with good talent, and one interview segment for 2 hours. Than a few 5 minute matches, and 7 billion promos and s**t new ideas chaps. Think about it.

Plea to top brass

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Jadon Sancho deal imminent?

Well it looks that Manchester United, could be getting there man. Dortmund seem to still want 108 million for 20 year old, but are willing for a structured payment.

News outlets have stated the German club will accept 90 million up front, and rightly so as they will need a replacement. It could mean, he could be back in Manchester before long.

Big money for Sancho

A natural talent

There is no doubting Jadon Sancho’s talent. 108 million though for a 20 year old is a lot of money. Dortmund certainly know how to make money on players.

They have already sold players such as Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Hummels, Dembele to name a few, for astonishing prices. This one would be up there, with the Dembele deal though.

Made money on lots of talent

What an attacking lineup

Imagine next season if he does sign. Sancho, Rashford, Greenwood and Martial. That is a young, pacy attack. It can be a signing, to help Manchester United close the gap, on Liverpool and Manchester City.

If for whatever reason, this deal doesn’t happen. An alternative is being mooted as Kingsley Coman from Bayern on loan. He is a good player, it would definitely be a deflated signing if the Sancho deal fell through.

Fab four

And finally….

On the other side of things, it seems as though Alexis Sanchez time at Old trafford is coming to an end. It seems United are happy for him to go for free, to get his wages off the books.

United of course got him as a swap deal involving Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Arsenal, but he failed to impress at United, a loan at Inter Milan, is now looking to be a permanent deal.

Sanchez to sign for Inter permently

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Jamie Roberts is a Dragon

Well what fantastic news for the Dragons. Former Welsh International Jamie Roberts has joined. The Centre was a massive part of the successful Welsh national team.

He has played for some big clubs including the Blues, Racing 92 and Harlequins. It’s the type of player the Dragons needed. A bullish ball carrier who will take on the opponents, and build space for others.

A great career so far

One man who will be happy to see him, will be loan signing Nick Tompkins. He has signed a season long loan from the Saracens, after there relegation from the English Premiership.

That could be a fantastic partnership, Tompkins was one of the positives, from a hit and miss Six Nations. Wales International Jonah Holmes, has also joined Dean Ryan’s team, some great signings.

It should prove dividens

Kept Wales Internationals just as important

Just as big as signing Holmes, Tompkins and Roberts. Keeping some of the internationals already there. It was so important that Aaron Wainwright stayed, and he has.

A Wales captain in the making, and what a year he had in Wales red. Also keeping Elliot Dee, Leon Brown and Ross Moriarty has sent a statement. I am happy with the squad we have this season.

Best business this summer

And finally….

It could be one of the better seasons in recent times upcoming, and hopefully we are able to go and watch them at Rodney Parade at some point.

Dean Ryan is assembling a squad, and with Champions Cup rugby this season, that will bring the level up again. I can’t wait to see the new guys mix with the current crop. Let’s go Dragons!

Optimism amongst fans

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Hamilton holds on

Well what an end to a pretty one sided Grand Prix. It was no surprise that the Mercedes, where out in front for the whole race. They were so much quicker in qualifying.

The end of the race, was very interesting though. Just when it seemed a simple 1-2, the tyre gods decided to have there say. It set up a great finale.

Tyres go on Mercs

Literal blistering pace

As stated the Mercedes were quick, it wasn’t a great end for them, but it could have been worse. With just a few laps left, both Hamilton and Bottas complained, there tyres where blistering.

All of a sudden, bang, Valteri’s tyre went. Verstappen and Leclerc went past, and as he pitted a whole host of others moved above him. He ended up 11th and out of the points.

Then on the final lap, Hamilton’s tyres went. Luckily for him, Verstappen had pitted, so he was able to sneak home. I feel for Valteri, he always seems to get the rough end of the luck at Mercedes.

Hamilton survives late scare

Mid-pack the most exciting

The most exciting part of Formula one at the moment, the cars fighting from 3-12. Its good racing between Racing Point, Renault and Mclaren. Carlos Sainz was also affected by tire wear late on. Which allowed Vettel to finish 10th.

The former world champion, is so far off the pace. Yes the Ferrari is poor this year, but for Leclerc to qualify 4th and finish on the podium, just shows something isn’t right with Seb.

We saw some great racing between Ricciardo, Stroll, Sainz and Norris during the race. We saw big crashes for Kevin Magnusson and Dani Kvyat. Luckily both men are okay.

Lucky to escape unhurt

And finally….

It is likely that next weekends GP at Silverstone, will be exactly the same, a Mercedes dominated race. The tyres are meant to be softer, but whether it will change due to the issues this weekend we shall see.

Let’s pray that some other cars find some pace, or Mercedes have some technical issues, so that it is a more compelling race. We shall see.

A revamp needed

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