Mahomes signs up for decade

Well last night I saw the best news. Patrick Mahomes extended his Chiefs contract, till 2031. That isn’t a misprint, he signed 10 year deal, on top of the 2 he has left on his previous contract.

This is great news for Chiefs fans like me. He is the MVP of NFL, and he is now tied down, with a no trade clause. I am sure this is great news for all members of the Chiefs Kingdom

Mahomes has signed a contract worth $503 million dollars, it is the biggest in sports history. Now its hard to justify anyone earning that amount of money, but he has been the best player in the NFL, the last two years.

10 years a chief

Now sign up Jones

Now that Mahomes is clinched, it’s time to give Chris Jones a long term deal. He has openly come out, stating he does not want a short contract. As great as Mahomes and the offensive line have been, we missed Chris Jones at the end of the playoff run.

He could only come in on certain plays, due to injury. Without him there, although our defence did great, it was not as strong. Clark Hunt get that cheque book back out, secure Jones on a good deal for us, and him.

Call him Clark

Cam Newton a Patriot

The other big news in the NFL, Cam Newton being signed to a one year deal for the Patriots. After the departure of Brady, all eyes were on who would be the next QB at Foxborough.

Former Panthers Newton is there guy. He signed on a 7.5 million dollar deal, and stated its for respect and not money, that made him chose to join the Pats. Can Josh McDaniels bring the best our of him, can he link up with Edelman and Co, that is the question.

A one year deal worth 7.5m

And finally….

We are edging ever closer to the beginning, of the new season. There are noises that fans will have to sign waivers, to attend games due to coronavirus.

It remains to be seen if they can push this through, I would like nothing more than to see a full Arrowhead. It needs to be safe though. Hopefully by the time we reach September, the world is looking in better condition.

Come and see us, just sign here!

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