This week in WWE

Hello everyone, it has been another busy week in WWE. Going forward this is the format I will be reporting on everything WWE. I hope it works for you.


Well on Raw this week it was good to see Ricochet and Cedric back. Two very talented athletes, who were just building tag chemistry on Raw, before Wrestlemania.

Ricochet had a match with Bobby Lashley on Raw. He showed his ability, before Lashley locked in the Full Nelson for the win. Maybe a move to Smackdown would benefit the team.

Also on Raw we saw Seth and Murphy, take on Black and Carrillo, for about the 100th time. It had the same ending, the same attempt to blind Carrillo, the quicker Rey fights Seth the better, and we can get past these storylines.

Ricochet back, with losing effort

NXT – Bash Night One

So the Main event for NXT Great American Bash night one, Io Shirai vs Sasha Banks. It was a good match, and kept both competitors strong. NXT pulling out the stops, to compete against Fyter Fest.

Io Shirai would pick up the win, with a little help. Bayley had tried to help Sasha win, with the ref distracted, Asuka appeared. She grabbed the tag title Sasha was holding, and spat the green mist into Sasha’s eyes. A moonsault later, and Shirai had the victory.

One part I disliked, Rhea Ripley vs Aaliyah & Robert Stone. It makes Rhea’s already hurt character even worse. Not to mention Robert Stone is a two time TNA tag champion, and also carried the TNA TV and X-division titles. The angle is so unbelievable, its pointless.

A little help from Asuka


What a start to Smackdown this week, and I don’t mean the Matt Riddle promo. After that, we had such a great match, between Riddle & Morrison. Two fantastic wrestlers, getting it on for the first time in WWE.

We saw Spanish fly’s and great kicks from Morrsion, we saw the final flash, broton and germans from Riddle. It ended in the classic roll up, but I would love to see the match again.

Another moment that stood out AJ v Gulak for the IC title. Fair play to Gulak he put on a show, but AJ picked up the win with a powerbomb/Styles clash combo followed by his phenomenal forearm.

Great match to kick off the show

And finally….

I hope that it’s the last we see of Dexter Lumis v Undisputed Era. The strap match is the perfect end to the conflict between him, and Roddy Strong. It was a good match.

Lumis won the match forcing Roddy to tap out, to his submission called silence. We don’t need to see another repeat of Velveteen’s UE run with Lumis. Especially when not only Keith Lee, but Karrion Kross, are on Adam Cole’s radar.

Strap match to end rivalry?

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