Sochi and Mugello GP’s confirmed

Well more good news for F1 fans, another 2 races have been added to the calendar. We will get a 2nd in Italy at the debuting Mugello circuit, and as planned the Russian GP goes ahead. We have at least 10 races this season now.

I for one, am very interested to see this new circuit, and I am sure it will make for a special race. It will take place on the weekend of the 11th-13th September. The Mugello circuit will mark Ferrari’s 1,000th grand prix.

As for the Sochi GP, that is in it’s usual scheduled weekend, the 25th – 27th September. It leaves plenty of time for F1 to sign up other GP’s too, with the season able to run till December.

Milestone for the scuderia

Horner says no to Vettel

Well before the first practice session at the Styrian GP, Crofty and Paul Di Resta spoke with Red Bull principle Christian Horner. He was asked about the situation with Seb Vettel, where he still has no drivers spot, for next year.

Horner said that although Seb will always be welcome at Red Bull, for all he did. There was no spaces available at his team next year. You never know in Formula 1 or course, but it seemed a concrete statement.

I have to say I think that’s the right decision. First of all you don’t want to rock the boat with Max Verstappen, he is your number 1. Secondly, it would be unfair on Alex Albon, who has done brilliant since joined them last year. Keep Seb’s history where it belongs.

Great champion, previously for Red Bull

And finally….

A crazy day in the 1st and 2nd practice sessions. Lando Norris got a 3 grid penalty for overtaking under yellow flags, for Sunday’s race. A frustrating one for Mclaren.

Also Dani Ricciardo crashed out in practice, he hit the barriers at high speed, and has been sent to the medical centre as a precaution. I hope he is okay.

Max Verstappen was first in P2. Lewis Hamilton only managing 6th. The two Ferrari’s struggled again, down in 9th and 16th. It is shaping for another weird and wonderful GP.

Good practice sessions at Styrian GP

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