Lucha Bros shock YBFTR

What an 8 man tag match, we saw on Fyter Fest night two. We had the Young Bucks and FTR, taking on the Lucha Bros, and Butcher and Blade. 4 of the best tag teams in the world, taking each other on.

The big question, could FTR and the Bucks work together. The answer was yes. We saw a spike piledriver and goodnight express with a member of either team pulling off the manoeuvre.

Hit one anothers move set

Fenix performed a ridiculous Destroyer, over the top rope, to team members on the outside, as a highlight. It would be a mix up that decided the match. Matt Jackson accidently hitting Dax Harwood, with a super kick.

That would lead to Lucha bros hitting a Spike Piledriver/Flatliner like combo, to pick up the 3 count. A surprising end to a great match, does this make Lucha Bros the number 1 contenders for the AEW tag titles? We shall see.

Zero Miedo

Jericho squeezes out Orange

What a main event between Chris Jericho, and Orange Cassidy. This was personal after each man attacked the other, in the build up to the match. Could Cassidy hang, with one of the most decorated men in Wrestling history.

Jericho dominated the early going, he worked on Cassidy’s back. Le Champion had Santana and Ortiz outside helping him, the latter hit Cassidy with the loaded sock. Cassidy then started to roll, close 2 counts from a Jumping DDT and splash.

Santana would throw orange juice in Cassidy’s face. Best Friends would then fight with them out of the arena. As Cassidy went for his superman punch, Jericho would counter with the Judas effect. He picked up the win, but what a great showing from OC.

Le Champion with hard fought win

Hangmega retain again

Well night two kicked off, with the tag champions. Page and Omega, took on Private Party with the titles on the line. Both teams had won on night one, but with Mox and Cage delayed by a week, a spot had to be filled.

Private Party put in another good show. They had a 2 count after hitting the Silly String. Isaiah Cassidy diving to the outside, was the best moment of the match, taking out Page, and some in the crowd.

The match would finish with Hangmega’s Buck Shot/V Trigger combo. A good win for the champions, and a good showing from the challengers. It won’t be Private Party’s last title shot.

Close encounter, but Hangmega win

And finallly…..

Joey Janela was destroyed by Lance Archer, he hit his Blackout finisher to Janela through a table on the outside. Who’s next for the Murderhawk?

Nyla Rose destroyed two young women, in a handicap match. She hit the beast bomb on one, into the other, pinning both. She then said she will have a manager, to help her regain the AEW Women’s title.

In the only other match,Dark Order beat SCU in a 6 man tag match. Colt Cobana picked up the win, after Brodie Lee hit Daniels with the discuss clothesline. Is he going to join?

Another victory handed to Colt

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